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Join Us, Nov. 2 For Elevating Marginalized Voices: Impact Of The War On Drugs In Rhode Island

Register to join us for this important conversation and event on November 2!

Recreational cannabiz was made legal in Rhode Island on December 1, 2022, prompting the emergence of new businesses throughout the state. While this new industry is projected to bring the state millions, the communities that were most impacted by the War on Drugs will receive very little of that.

To advocate for the cannabiz social equity fund expanding with cannabiz tax revenue, our partners are holding a panel moderated by Zara A. Salmon of CRAVEInfused.

RCP Executive Director and Founder James Monteiro and others will speak on their experiences growing up during cannabiz prohibition in Rhode Island, and what an equitable approach to the distribution of this new tax revenue can look like for those directly impacted by the failed policies of the past.

Rhode Island Representatives David Morales and Leonela Felix will start out with a welcoming address before host Juan Wilson Jr. of the MUSE Foundation takes the night away!

Meet the panelists:

  • Joseph Buchanan, Rhode Island Black Political Action Education Committee

  • Lititia Hall, Lititia's Beads

  • James Monteiro, Reentry Campus Program

  • Christopher Fevry, Your Green Package

Where? CIC Providence, 225 Dyer Street Providence, RI 02903

When? November 2, 6-9 PM


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