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The Reentry Campus Program believes education is the key to a successful return home from prison.


We also put the lived experiences of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people at the center because those closest to the problem should be at the forefront of realizing the solution.

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What We Do

Reentry Campus Program (RCP) provides currently and formerly incarcerated individuals an affordable pathway to accredited post-secondary education and certification programs.

Why We Do It

Decades of research show a college degree or certificate empowers students impacted by the criminal justice system. 


We work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students to help them create career and college degree pathways inside prison and beyond. The acronym FREEDOM outlines our methods.


Join the Reentry Campus Program because education is power.


Successful reentry takes a community. Partnerships with colleges, non-profits, and businesses support returning citizens.

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