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Our Work

Reentry Campus Program (RCP) helps currently and formerly incarcerated individuals receive post-secondary education on their way to becoming self-sufficient and successful. Learn about becoming a student with us and apply


The program helps those behind the walls, transitioning out and after release with their educational goals as well as offering critical wrap-around services, continuous support, encouragement, and resources specific to their individual needs. 

Assessment and Advising

Whether students enroll behind the walls or after being released, RCP staff provide assistance and support with eliminating barriers to education access and achieving their educational or career goals.


From obtaining vital documents and previous transcripts to course enrollment and degree planning, our team supports each student's individual path.



RCP provides up to 30 college credits, equivalent to a first year of school, free to enrolled students. Students enroll in DSST courses through RCP before attending the college of their choice. 


This offers students the opportunity to fast track their degree attainment and minimize the cost associated with pursuing a 4-year degree or certification program.


The classroom environment is a peer learning community of successfully reintegrated students and mentors who provide continuous support, encouragement and resources specific to the student’s circumstances.

PLA Standardized Testing

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a method used to award college credit for learning acquired outside of the classroom, including personal research, on-the-job training, independent study, work or military field experience.

Earning PLA credit typically involves sitting for a formal test, such as DSST exams, and earning credit upon receiving a passing score. For individuals reentering, this is an opportunity to have their learning behind the walls assessed and accredited.

PLA opportunities are available to students in Rhode Island. RCP is a registered DSST Testing Center with nearly 40 courses in the areas of humanities, business, social science, physical science, math and technology. DSST exams are taken online and therefore are more accessible than other PLAs because students can take the exams at RCP.



RCP has a growing education partner network where post-secondary institutions partner with the organization to give reduced rates to RCP students. 


Roger Williams University’s formerly School of Continuing Studies, now called University College (UC), is one such partner. There is a wide range of programs that lead to certifications, Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees.


A case management certificate program at UC, for example, gives the knowledge and skills relevant to the provision of case management services in a variety of healthcare settings. The program is designed for individuals who have a desire to help others and provide holistic support to the clients they serve.


Before enrollment and throughout, continued assistance from RCP with obtaining previous transcripts, navigating the financial aid process and course registration/selection are provided. 


More than 600,000 people are released from America’s prisons each year and there are currently more than four million people on probation and parole.


Adults may return from incarceration to families and communities that lack sufficient social support and resources to foster a positive reentry.


RCP alumni who demonstrate successful reentry pay it forward. Those released are offered a mentor, a RCP alumni, to help them with acclimation, guidance and connections to needed resources.     


Reentry Campus Program Pathway

RCP students learn that education is the pathway to true freedom. An acronym helps explain how the RCP methodology creates a future of opportunities to help students not only move forward but pay it forward as mentors. 



Join RCP by applying today. The idea of going back to school can be intimidating, overwhelming or seem impossible. By joining RCP you are joining the many others that chose to believe in themselves and their future and are now here to offer their support as Mentors.



We know that no story is the same. Our dedicated Pathway Specialists will work closely with you to reflect on your experiences, realize your strengths and interests, and build your plan for success so you can feel confident about the next steps.



RCP works to have your prior learning evaluated for college credit through a process called PLA (Prior Learning Assessment). We use a Portfolio as part of this process to exhibit your previous learning and work experience.



Enroll in our free classes to earn college credits. We offer a year's worth of free DSST courses and exams. This allows you to fast track degree attainment and minimize cost associated with pursuing a 4-year degree or certification program.



Now is the time to dream big. Our Pathway Specialists work with you to decide on your educational and employment goals. We provide the tools and resources needed in order for you to continue on your path.



Continue on from RCP to higher education and find employment. Using the skills, course credit, and network that you’ve built at RCP, we will help you to organize your job search, your continued education, and everything in between. Prepare for opportunities ahead!



Keep moving forward. Success can be financial, emotional, intellectual, familial, and so much more. Our mentors are individuals who have successfully reentered and are ready to share their experience and support others on their pathway to FREEDOM.

There’s a thousand ways to make money, but how are you making a difference?

Tommy Harmon, Reentry Campus Program Alum, RCP Pathway Coordinator

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