Behind the Walls

The Reentry Campus provides up to 30 credits of DSST courses (first year of school), free of charge to our students. This allows them to be able to fast track degree attainment and minimize cost associated with pursuing a 4 year degree or certification program.

  • Students who take our DSST hybrid courses are mailed a course packet containing course instructions, assignments, and a customized study guide. 

  • Study guides are designed to enhance the understanding of key concepts. They contain review exercises, practice questions, and supplemental readings. 

  • Students are responsible for mailing their assignments to our academic team, where the assignments are reviewed and mailed back to the student in a timely manner to allow for corrections and further guidance from their instructors and/or academic advisors.

  • Instructors are available at the institution four times a semester to provide support and guidance on course work.

  • Midterms and final exams are proctored at the Institution.


Course Listings Below

  • Fundamentals of counseling

  • Criminal Justice

  • Foundations of education

  • Lifespan developmental psych

  • Substance abuse

  • The civil war and reconstruction

  • General anthropology

  • Human / cultural geography

  • Principles of public speaking

  • Intro to world religions

  • Business ethics & society

  • Human resource management

  • Introduction to business

  • Money and banking

  • Organizational behavior

  • Personal finance

  • Principles of finance

  • Principals of supervision

  • Business math

  • Technical writing