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Jan 20, 2020 - Governor Gina Raimondo announces new criminal justice reform legislation.

Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Rhode Island Department of Corrections & Reentry Recommendations:

1. A more robust discharge planning unit for the DOC, with a focus on ensuring government benefits are in place before an individual is discharged from the facility as well as ensuring the other housing, employment and education recommendations are implemented.

2. Increased healthcare services access and making sure that currently and formerly incarcerated individuals have proper access to medical and behavioral health services as they transition out.

3. Implement strategies to incentivize the Work Release Program at the Minimum Security facility.

4. Parole-related reform, including reforms that will allow for low-level violators to remain in the community following technical parole violations. Additionally, exploring ways that our state can join other states in offering some form of geriatric parole as another way to assist with our aging population at the DOC.

5. Housing Recommendations

6. Establish an outcomes-based supported housing program pilot.

7. Develop a feasibility assessment and implementation pathway for rehabilitative housing model.

8. Enact discrimination protections that will benefit people leaving the ACI and eliminate legal restrictions to housing options where possible.

9. Create stronger housing placement infrastructure at the DOC.

10. Make new investments in housing options for the justice-involved.

Employment & Education Recommendations

11. Enact or amend a data sharing agreement between DOC and DLT so that the state can track outcomes of education and employment programs conducted inside the ACI.

12. Ensure that all programing offered at the DOC is high quality and aligned to industry demand.

13. Access to technology should be embedded in training programs.

14. Provide additional capacity and dedicated funding to create pre-apprenticeship and

apprenticeship pathways inside the ACI.

15. Drive equity-focused licensing reform through state agencies when possible.

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