Our Mission

The mission of the Reentry Campus Program is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated individuals with an affordable pathway to accredited post secondary education and certification programs that are infused within the reentry process.

Education is crucial to successful reentry. Get informed on the issues here.


Our Delivery Model

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Letter from the Founder 

For far to long there has been a huge disconnect between the educational programming that happens behind the walls and the ability to have welcoming and affordable access to it upon release.

We have fought to ban the box, got some states to restore our right to vote, and to amend some of the archaic laws around probation and parole, yet in many institution of higher learning we are still not welcome due to stigma's portrayed about us as under-caste citizens who are not worthy of second chances. 


Its one thing to be locked up in prison where everyone is pretty much on the same playing field, but its entirely another thing to be locked out of society after having paid our debt to it.

Here is our opportunity to break the mold and not only get out of prison but to be able to stay out of prison.  Here is our chance to make right our wrongs and make a difference in someones life beginning with our own.  The pathway has been paved, the doorway has been opened, it is up to us to walk through it.


More Education = More Money = More Freedom!...and that's not so much as in physical freedom but more so in the freedom of choices that education brings about.

We are so much more than we give ourselves sometimes and if there is any debt to society that we owe, now that we have served our time, it is to ourselves, and to the individuals who are coming out and coming up after us.

Enter here boldly & blazing, and know for sure that you are not alone.



Love & Respect 

James A. Monteiro

Founder / Director

Reentry Campus Program

Roger Williams University, SCS