Outside the Walls

Recently released students are required to take DSST courses (first semester), through the Reentry Campus before matriculating into RWU, SCS.   We offer these courses free of charge to our students so as not to put them at risk of Financial Aide Debt before they may be ready to fully commit due to other life demands of being recently released. 


Students who successfully complete this transitionary semester, on the outside of the walls, are then eligible for our reduced rate at Roger Williams University, SCS, of $750 a course.  This is the most cost effective 4-year degree option available in the state of RI for reentering students.


Our classroom environment is a peer learning community of successfully reintegrated students and mentors that provide continuous support, encouragement, and resources specific to their circumstances. 


90% of students registering at our partner institution are eligible for up to $5,500 in Pell awards and another $10,000 in Financial Aid to be used for course work, books, transportation and off campus housing living expenses.

Assistance with obtaining previous transcripts, navigating the Financial Aid process, and course registration and advisement are also provided.


100% of credits earned through the Reentry Campus will transfer in depending on degree plan.

RWU, SCS Programs of Study